What you need to know about church pew refinishing

Church seating is a vital part of every church. The design aesthetics, modern function, and budget make it hard to buy new seating time and again. Instead of buying new furniture for your church, you can decide to refurbish the old ones. There is different church pew refinishing that you can choose for your church. There are many options to choose when it comes to church pew refurbishing.

In fact, there are cost-effective ways for you to refinish your church pews. Budget is an important consideration when renovating churches. You can transform your church furniture into new pews without breaking the bank. There is different upholstery that you can choose to give your furniture the best look. When it comes to refinishing, you have a lot to choose.

Refurbishing church pews

church pewsYou do not have to worry about the refurbishing disrupting your worship. The repairs are normally done outside the church. The refurbishing is done by removing scratches, cleaning the pews and then they ate transformed into beautiful pieces. It is a cost effective way of changing your sanctuary and pews. All you have to do is just get the estimate on how much you will spend by having the refurbishing done. You will be amazed at the outcome you will get once the refurbishing process is complete. Additionally, you save money by repairing your church furniture instead of buying new ones.

Getting the best out of the pew

Pew Refinishing gives your furniture a classy look. The process is very simple. The pews are disassembled, all the stains removed and refinishing is done. The first step that you need to do is removing grime by using oil soap and warm water. The next thing you need to do is check if there are many pieces that are loose. You can put them in place using glue. The third step is to refinish the seating. That is all you have to do. In case the furniture needs painting, then you can add appropriate paint tat suits the decor. You can get a package that is suitable for your budget.

Pew prices

church pewsThe prices of pews are affordable, and you will not be expensive in your pocket. The Pew price ranges from $1200 to over $10,000. The process begins by doing a site visit. You get brand new pews by choosing the one that is ideal. Do not buy new pews when you can get them refurbished at a reduced cost. They will be as good as new.…