Tips for Finding the Right Mobile Home Dealer

Moving can be such a daunting task. You have to ensure that everything will be safe and secure. You also want to deal with mobile dealers that are efficient. That is why you need to take time to research when finding the right mobile home dealer. There are numerous mobile companies available online. However, there are some important factors that you should consider before hiring a mobile home dealer.

Factor to Consider


That first thing you should ask for is the license. Remember not all dealers are authentic. Some disguise themselves when in the real sense they are scammers. There are some agencies that you can check out with to confirm if the moving company that you wish to hire is authentic or not. The licenses and the requirements differ from state to state. It also depends on with if the move is within the state or between different countries.

Local companies verses national companies

If you are moving within a state, it is better to go with local companies. Local owners may be able to solve problems that bigger corporations may find challenging. It is because the local movers are familiar with the area and all its requirements. However, you still have to consider their level of competence and years of experience. Companies that have been in the industry for many years are the best option. It just goes to show that they are doing something right.


Do some research on the company’s background. It will help prevent problems to do with loss or damage. Other than the dealer’s website, also check government and private sources. Also, go through their customer reviews to see what their clients have to say about their services. Check out testimonials on different social sites. Not every customer is usually satisfied with services offered. Find out if there are any complaints and determine if they are things that you can deal with.

Get an Estimate

Get estimates for a handful of mobile dealers and make comparisons. The estimate must include everything that has to be moved. Here should be a clear description of all the charges. You don’t want to encounter hidden charges much later in the process. Have it in writing. There isn’t such a thing as verbal estimates. Ensure that you also get an inventory list, order of service, and bill of landing.


container truckEnsure that you are insured. Depending on the type of company that you choose, you could get a “released value” or a “full value protection.” Full value cost more but makes the dealer liable for the value of replacement in case you lose your items. Your other option is to buy your separate insurance to cover for the move.

Lastly, ask lots of questions during your first meeting with the moving agents. Everything should be clear to you. It will help you know how to prepare for the move.…