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The Details of Inbox Blueprint 2.0

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 has created so much hype in the market for so many reasons. The program has been designed by a renowned and successful and famous marketer Anik Singal. The inbox blueprint 2.0 program teaches you steps of online and email marketing.

You can become a professional marketer by going through the Inbox Blueprint. Here is some general information about this program.


Background information

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 was first launched in 2014 and later on closed; they sold many copies and introduced email 2 head illustrations marketing which many enjoyed. But it’s coming back with some unique features that can create funnels for you, and a member’s area forum among many other things.

This new inbox blueprint 2.0 not only does it show you how to build profits online but it also does the hard work for you. By just a click you can set up their squeeze page, lead magnet and autoresponder all in the right place and ready to go.

What will you learn from Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

In the introduction, you get to learn the ins and outs of the program, a detailed explanation of the business model, how to understand the business and meet the coach hired by Arnik to help you in the process.

Step 1: Addiction meter

Here Arnik is going to teach you everything you need to know about selecting a niche for your email marketing business.

Step 2: The Bait

After you have chosen your niche, now you have to create the web page for your email marketing. This is called an opt-in page, and you will also get to learn how it works.

Step 3: The “TYP” Method

Here is where you get to learn how to use your “thank you” page for generating some money when you begin getting subscribers

Step 4: Email machine overview

It is all about autoresponders and how to get one for free

Step 5: Emails and list relationships

It helps you know how to develop an email list and how to build relationships with you subscribers so that they keep buying from you time and time again.

Step 6: Payday Secrets

Gives you ideas of how you need to get paid, how to increase your money and how to better your relationship with your email list.

Step 7: Easy Trafficcd

It shows you an easier way to how to increase the traffic on your niche and get more subscriptions

Step 8: Unlimited Success

You get to learn how to make yourself successful in the business…