FAQs About Laybag Air Sofas

Laybag sofas are not very new in the market. However, the principle of operations dazzles many. As much as they have garnered lots of positive, some people always find LayBag Erfahrung intriguing. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that most consumers typically inquire about when it comes to the LayBag.

What Kind Of Surfaces Can It Be Used On?laybag air sofas

It can be utilized on almost any type of terrain, whether it may be concrete, snow, grass or sand, and even water. As a result of this fact, it is typically used at parks, beaches and festivals as well.

What Is It’s Maximum Weight Capacity?

The manufacturer proclaims that they conducted tests, which demonstrated that five people would be able to use it without error. However, they also state that they recommend against the possibility of putting the weight of more than three people on it, which would equate to approximately 440 pounds or 200 kilograms.

How Does The Inflation Process Work?

For you to inflate it, all you have to do is to let the air go into in by opening the two openings and by moving it through the air. Once you have done this, you would roll the end portion up and fold it together, after which you would connect the clasps.

How Does The Deflation Process Work?

Similarly to the inflation process, for you to deflate it, you’ll need to unclip the opening as to which most of the air will flow through it almost immediately. Once this occurs, you can begin to roll the LayBag up and fold it in half. Then, you can place it in the bag which is provided with it.

What Techniques Can You Use To Secure It Once It Has Been Inflated Against Strong Winds?

laybag air sofasWhen it comes to securing it and holding it down firmly, you can tie the closing loop to just about anything you have available such as a backpack or igloo for example. Another thing you can do is to use the carry bag and fill it with small stones or stand as to which you would attach to the closing loop.

Is It Waterproof And Can It Be Used On Water?

The LayBag consist of water resistant materials, and it dries quickly. Because it consists of 700 liters of air, once it has been inflated it can float on water. Nevertheless, the manufacturer states that it is not a floating device.…