‘Your Splendid Work With The Snowballing’

Here at ACM, we are proper board sports history geeks. So it was with no small measure of chin-stroking delight that I found myself in Vail’s Colorado Ski Museum (skimuseum.net) the other night. The place tells the story of skiing in Colorado, but also has a section dedicated to the history of snowboarding, and what [...]

Storm In A Twit Cup – Paddy Mortimer Interview

In hindsight, a curt tweet publicly admonishing Jamie Nicholls for bad language wasn’t the best way for new BSS Performance Director Paddy Mortimer to introduce himself to the UK snowboarding community. These days, it’s never been easier to whip up a Twitchfork-wielding mob, and the digital response from the UK scene was predictable. Soon, everyone [...]

Red Bull Supernatural

You’ve got to hand it to Travis Rice. He may have been criticised in some quarters for the OTT helicopter-porn of much of the Art of Flight (see the article in Whitelines snowboarding magazine, for example) but you have to admire the way he’s constantly striving to innovate and use his unprecedented profile to take [...]

Brand Snowboarding: Glory

  Our guest blogger Hamish Duncan (@hambourine) ponders what the relentless march of snowboarding progression means to the public looking in, and whether it is at the expense of personal style and expression This year’s Freeze was yet more proof that snowboarding has come a long, long way since the first ever London big air [...]

The Art of Snowboard Marketing

I still haven’t seen the Art of Flight. I’m waiting for the big screen. And, I’ll be honest, there’s some student-like, throwback part of me that wants to see it long after the hype has died down. At the moment (and I’m aware this probably says something slightly sad about me), I’ve been more interested [...]

The Art of Flight – Metal Trailer

The new Art of Flight trailer doesn’t mess about. The film looks like its going to be great. But I think I’m suffering from a surfeit of slow motion, an excess of everything being ridiculously slooooowed-down and lovingly rendered in super soporific HD (TM). This seems to be everywhere in most sport coverage at the [...]

Peeping Behind The Curtain – Tackling Bigger Issues In Core Media

I was at the Whitelines offices recently, chatting to editor Ed Blomfield about the announcement of slopestyle in the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Instinctively, I think it’s a bad move. But I’m also aware that many snowboarders think otherwise, or simply don’t really care. And I can understand why. Most people if asked would say that [...]

The Crazy Food of Press Trips

Just got back from three days in La Thuile (thanks Aosta Valley and Crystal for that one), to write a story for the Evening Standard. I don’t think I have seen the Alps this bare at this time of year since 2003, and the heliboarding trip we were supposed to do was canned because of [...]


More Snowboarding Videos To say Jeremy Jones’ new film Deeper has been eagerly awaited would be to flirt with understatement. The UK premiere was at Freeze last week. I couldn’t make that, but I watched the film last night. The idea is that Jeremy and a hand-picked group of freeriding nutters (Jonaven Moore, Johan, Travis [...]

The Lost Heroes of Empire #1

It’s been a while since I worked with Ed Leigh, so I’m excited about the project we’ve been slowly trying to get off the ground. It’s an idea for a TV series, and we’ve been working on a visual treatment over the last month or so. Last week I went up to London to meet [...]