The end of summer?

That autumnal chill has entered the morning air; the kids are traipsing back to school, the bleary-eyed post Bank Holiday blues have descended like a fog – is this the end of summer? Well, actually, no it’s not. The sun has come out; in fact, it’s pretty warm in Brighton. And thanks to one photograph by a young Californian, I am now overwhelmed by that sense of bubbling excitement that comes when you realise that out there in the big ol’ world are a thousand incredible moments, a million experiences (can you hear those rousing strings?) all to be had.

© Chris Burkard

This shot by Chris Burkard was deservedly named as the overall winner of 2010’s Red Bull Illume action and adventure sports photography competition. Taken off the west coast of Chile, it captures the moment when surfer Peter Mendria was simultaneously dwarfed by nature and linked to it intrinsically, irrevocably. It’s a beauty; incredible composition, light, and some how transmitting a little of what it felt like to catch that wave in the golden hue of the South American sun. With Ron Stoner as an idol and having already worked with the likes of Quiksilver and Transworld Surf, it seems Chris is destined to have a long and successful career. And me, well, I want to go to Chile. I want to explore those 4000 miles of coastline, and catch one of those waves myself. Anything is possible.

Check to see all the finalists and also Chris’s website here.

Words Tom Spooner

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