The Art of Snowboard Marketing

I still haven’t seen the Art of Flight. I’m waiting for the big screen. And, I’ll be honest, there’s some student-like, throwback part of me that wants to see it long after the hype has died down. At the moment (and I’m aware this probably says something slightly sad about me), I’ve been more interested [...]

For The Love – A Story of Overcoming Adversity

One of the big stories doing the rounds last week concerned the cancellation of Groundswell Festival, which had been due to take place in the French surfing town of Hossegor last weekend. When the main investor pulled out at the last minute, the festival was cancelled. The festival organisers had expected 15,000 festival goers to [...]

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What The Vans/Timberland Takeover Tells Us About Action Sports

Every day brings new evidence that action sports are becoming bigger than ever. This week’s news that VF Corp, the company that owns Vans, purchased Timberland is arguably the most mind-blowing indication yet. Bob Dylan was right: the times they are a changin’. Thirty years ago, this news would have been greeted with disbelief, but [...]

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The Glass Ceiling: On The Future of Action Sports Events

The Olympic slopestyle brouhaha and the consistent dissing the ASP has been getting in recent weeks, among other things, has got us thinking about the future for competitive freesports here at ACM Towers. Namely, how is that future going to unfold? Clearly, our sports are massive like never before. But a fundamental problem must be [...]


All was going well. Several of the office guys had got back into skating, and with a few more friends from Brighton we’d started to visit the nearby skateparks: Cuckfield, Crawley, Shoreham Bowl, and Angerming. Yeah we weren’t the Bones Brigade, but we were having fun cruising around the concrete bowls, and riding the mini [...]