Storm In A Twit Cup: The Bruce Irons and Chopes Controversy

Another day, another surfing-themed Twitter storm in a teacup. And in Tahiti of all places. Over the last few days, the #putBruceinchopes hashtag has gained traction in the surfing world. Making no sense? Well, the ‘Bruce’ in question is Bruce Irons, and ‘Chopes’ is the nickname of the infamous wave of Teahupoo, where the latest [...]

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Thoughts on Concrete Circus

Last Monday saw what must have been the highest profile action sports’ (or ‘street sports’, as it was referred to throughout the programme) TV slot ever, with the 90 minute documentary Concrete Circus on Channel 4. Director Mike Christie previously directed Jump London, which followed a couple of freerunners around London, back in 2003. I [...]

Longboarding is Back: 2011 Relentless Boardmasters

Tuaca Men’s Longboard final Relentless Energy Drink Boardmasters 2011 from Boardmasters TV on Vimeo. I just got back from Boardmasters in Newquay. It was the usual carnage – late nights, old friends, and a stay at the swanky four star Headland Hotel (thanks Vans and Canoe pals for that one). The best bit for me [...]

Move/Eat/Learn Virals

A series of three videos hit the internet this week, and became the most watched travel virals since the “Where the Hell is Matt” film – which is up to 16-million hits on YouTube. Remember him? The dancing dude who filmed himself juggling on the spot in various locations around the world? The crucial difference [...]

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Peeping Behind The Curtain: Outside v Surfing

For most people the most fascinating aspect of the recent News International phone hacking scandal is what it has revealed about the reality of how the press works, and the somewhat murky relationship between big business, the media and the world of PR. It was a peep behind the curtain, and no mistake. As something [...]

Random Things We Like: Walking With Werner Herzog

This has nothing to do with action sports (or adventure travel), but Werner Herzog’s new documentary about the lost cave paintings of Chauvet in France sounds amazing. Discovered in 1994, Chauvet contains the earliest known cave paintings – hundreds of artworks dating from around 32,000 years ago. This site is so fragile that tourist are [...]

The Art of Flight – Metal Trailer

The new Art of Flight trailer doesn’t mess about. The film looks like its going to be great. But I think I’m suffering from a surfeit of slow motion, an excess of everything being ridiculously slooooowed-down and lovingly rendered in super soporific HD (TM). This seems to be everywhere in most sport coverage at the [...]

A Point In Time – How Can Magazines Turn The Online Tide?

It was Kelly Slater who first informed me of the giant swell that was about to hit the Fijian island of Tavarua. By Twitter (his handle is @kellyslater), in fact, when he announced that instead of travelling to South Africa to compete in the Billabong Pro in Jeffries Bay, he was going to chase a [...]