The Five Best Snowboard and Ski Films on Youtube

We love an internet video link being fired about, especially if they include either crazy Frenchies (see the Antoine Montant posts below for example), or POV snowboarding. While doing a quick winter round up piece for a UK consumer mag I compiled my favourite five recent snow videos for their site. Somehow they got lost [...]

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Shooting The Curl, Swiss-style

What did you do on Monday? I donned a 100 year old suit, grabbed a broom and entered the Kandersteg Belle Epoque curling tournament. Random? Clearly. Fun, absolutely. Kandersteg is a ridiculously pretty alpine village in the Swiss Alps, and Belle Epoque ┬áis the town’s nostalgia festival, where the whole town gets in the spirit [...]

Herman Melville Invented Starbucks?

Every few months, I pitch a story to the G2 ‘Shortcuts’ page. Usually they get back to me saying ‘nice idea, but you missed the boat. By the time we publish, it’ll be out of date’. Which is exactly what they said today about my little tenuous/chin-stroking piece on Starbucks and their link to Moby [...]