Antoine Montant – Chamonix

Probably a bit late to discover this clip of Antoine Montant speed flying his way around Chamonix. Slightly lost for words…. Helmet cam view:

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Lives Of The Artist: Follow Me Down Premiere

Fully awake thanks to the Relentless cocktails and the firm oak of the Union Chapel pews, I watch as giant squids and rib cages tumble across the screen. The opening credits of the latest Lives Of The Artists film possess a ghostly splendour. If the Chapel’s gothic ambience is not already suitably primed, I spot [...]

Corryvreckan Whirlpool

Tell people you’re going to do 60 lengths in a pool, and they roll their eyes with boredom. Tell people you’re going to try to swim 1100 metres across a whirlpool in half an hour, and they tend to think you’ve got some kind of death wish. Still, that’s what I’m going to be doing [...]

The end of summer?

That autumnal chill has entered the morning air; the kids are traipsing back to school, the bleary-eyed post Bank Holiday blues have descended like a fog – is this the end of summer? Well, actually, no it’s not. The sun has come out; in fact, it’s pretty warm in Brighton. And thanks to one photograph [...]