When Tony Came To Town

The growth of board sports is a pet topic here at ACM. After all, it has essentially given us a career and many of the most fulfilling moments of our lives. It’s a fascinating subject in its own right, and is something Chris explores thoroughly in his as-yet unpublished history of boardsports, Standing Sideways. So [...]

Taj Burrows Multiple Choice

So back in April I was out in Australia, commentating for the live webcast at the Rip Curl Pro as well broadcasting and writing for a range of international surf media. Anyway, busy as ever, I’d arranged to catch up with Taj Burrow. For those that don’t know Taj, he’s one of the most innovative [...]

XXL Awards

The BIllabong XXL Awards are a brilliant example of a brand running a flawless marketing campaign. It fits the scene perfectly, crosses over between core and mainstream equally well and produces some of the best content in the surf world each year. Here are two of our favourite clips from this year’s awards. Best slams: [...]

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