Riding The Wave Of Celebrity

Surfing and celebrity. What a heady, titillating mix. Famous people wearing not much at all!! A sport that supposedly doesn’t care about celebrity anyway! Sun and sand and six packs and plastic boobs!  I mean, just think of Matthew McConaughey, for chrissakes. Now there’s a veritable modern day Hawaiian surfing chief.  Of course when celebrities [...]

The Lost Heroes of Empire #1

It’s been a while since I worked with Ed Leigh, so I’m excited about the project we’ve been slowly trying to get off the ground. It’s an idea for a TV series, and we’ve been working on a visual treatment over the last month or so. Last week I went up to London to meet [...]

How Soon Is Now?

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die”. That’s how US actor, comedian and movie director Mel Brooks outlined his views on the demarcation between comedy and tragedy.  It’s a distinction that came to the fore when my phone started bleeping in the immediate aftermath [...]

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The Etherington Brothers

I’ll be honest, comic books aren’t my thing and never have been. The only time the comic world has ever registered on my radar is when I’ve met a couple of interesting people involved in that scene while on various travels. I do, however, recognise unquenchable creativity when I see it, and I was lucky [...]

Triple Cork-Tastic

The Triple Cork from torstein horgmo on Vimeo. Forget the iPhone 4 – the most impressive thing we’ve seen today is Torstein Horgmo’s triple cork. In a year when snowboarding has already progressed at a ridiculous rate of knots thanks to the double cork race at the beginning of the year, and Shaun White Tomahawk [...]

Let My People Go Surfing

One of ACM’s close friends and collaborators, Hamish Duncan, recommended this book to me while we were away surfing in Devon the other week. So I checked it out over the weekend. Motivational tracts by green-leaning business billionaires are not usually high on my reading list to be honest, but I found the story of [...]

Johno Verity Art Exhibition/Super U Single Launch Gig – June 20th

Here at ACM, we love parties and gathering our creative friends together under one roof, as attendees of our legendary Christmas bashes down here in Brighton will confirm. The next date on our social calendar ticks both of these boxes and should be the usual cracker. We’re holding a joint art exhibition and single launch [...]