Bournemouth Reef Revisited

Back in November  2009, my ACM colleague Ben Mondy and I were there when Europe’s first artificial surfing reef opened just next to Boscombe pier, a few miles east of Bournemouth. I had my doubts to be honest. The English Channel just doesn’t have enough fetch (the distance between wave producing storms, and the shores [...]

The Council Estate Garden

I’ve got an idea for TV show. It’s called ‘The Council Estate Garden’. In it, we show people who live on the poverty line how to grow simple fresh food and improve their standard of living. My one-line pitch to any interested TV execs is going to be: ‘A handy gardening lifestyle show that isn’t [...]

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Welcome To Our Blog…

What’s it for? It is going to be a dumping ground for any articles we can’t sell, a place for us to upload photos and stories from our travels, and a dumping ground for an internet based ephemera we come across. You know, it’s like all the other blogs out there – only this one [...]