Miki Dora: So Much To Answer For

As somebody who has only been surfing for around ten years, I’ve never really got the Cult of Dora. Here was a guy that appeared in Gidget, and then spent the rest of his life railing against the increased popularity of surfing. Who affected to hate the surf industry and everything it stood for, and [...]

Storm In A Twit Cup – Paddy Mortimer Interview

In hindsight, a curt tweet publicly admonishing Jamie Nicholls for bad language wasn’t the best way for new BSS Performance Director Paddy Mortimer to introduce himself to the UK snowboarding community. These days, it’s never been easier to whip up a Twitchfork-wielding mob, and the digital response from the UK scene was predictable. Soon, everyone [...]

Finisterre’s Task

Our friends down in St Agnes, Finisterre, are a great British success story and everything you’d like to believe a true surf brand should be. Run by a tight group of friends, Finisterre are the real deal: passionate surfers, open water swimmers and marathon runners who try to infuse their passions into every item they [...]

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What’s On The Horizon For Action Sports?

The action sports world is a tough place to be right now. Snowboard retailers report that winter clothing sales are down after another topsy turvy winter weather pattern in both Europe and the US, and as the ‘worst recession since the 1930′s depression’ continues, liftpass sales are down, ever more seasonaires are choosing to ski, [...]

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